Throughout this site, I give information on:

- Who I am, what I think, how I do things.

- Investing. Much of this is generic information on investing and how I invest, in other words: advice. Some of it is specific investments including, from time to time, ones that I am personally investing in.

- What businesses I am building and have built and sold. For some this is boring. For others, I'm told it is interesting. So from time to time I update it..

- Some fun stuff. Jokes and sayings I've collected from the various industries I've worked in. Along with that is a tiny bit of educational material too. For example, I found this set of instructions of how to make Geodesic domes - SOLID and reasonable priced - and you don't need a lot of know-how! Click Here or on the icture to the right to see the offer - once you have this material you can build a children's dome out of scrap wood for free, or you can make a 40' diameter dome super efficient greenhouse for only $500 Canadian- starting with wood from Home Depot, Lowes or your favorite handi-man store. And the plans are adaptable to any size - need a 13' dome? No problem! (The regular price is about $150, but last time I checked it was at an introductory price of $49.97USD)

- Personal stuff. With a nickname like "Madman Pierre", I have found a web site the best way to answer the many personal questions I am asked. It includes the true story of how I became known to be called "Madman Pierre" and insight into who you are dealing with if you decide to work with me, invest in me or take any or none of my advice. For example - do you have Tinnitus/Ringing of the ears? If so, check this Don't know what Tinnitus is? You probably don't have this problem! I have a bit more info at my Tinnitus page

And, you'd think with all the things I do I don't have time for something else... But I had a friend of my daughter recommend a LEGITIMATE 'secret shopper' program Sign up here if interested for Canadians and Americans and some other countries. Most of the emails and television ads for secret shoppers are scams -they charge you $19.95 or more up front and then you never get 'a job' or all their jobs are in the US. This is who I signed up with and, while I don't do a lot of it, it is fun and I get things like free food, gas and so on. I just pick ones that are convenient for me. It takes a bit of time to intially get going - plan on spending about an hour doing it.

You can get some jobs without paying a sent, but plan on spnding $5 to become a 'gold memeber' for a month to get instant access to current jobs and to sign up for some of the easier ones - but you'll make it back on the first job/free food, and plan on spending another 4 or 5 hours filling out individual forms before you get your 1st job. I paid the $5 (well $4.95 technically) for a 30 day gold membership and got my 1st job within hours. $29 plus free food and drink, and it was at a time I would have had to pay for food anyway and I was driving right by them.

The only 'important' advice I'd give you - read instructions VERY carefully, for example, you'll be asked to explain something in 35 characters or less, and then they give you a field that you can enter 1000's of characters and you'll be REALLY tempted to use more than 35 characters. If they say in x characters or less - count and make sure you do exactly what they say LESS THAN 35. 25 is OK. 36 is NOT. If your response is, well that is stupid, then don't become a secret shopper.

Another Example, I grow orchids for my wife, there are two excellent sounces of information I purchased myself and use. One is Click Here! and I'm trying to refind the other one and I'll post it here when I do.

- Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. I'm slowly starting this section, I hope someday it will be a very interesting and eclectic collection To follow my here

- Links. This is an ecclectic collection of links that I think are worth checking out but may not be easy to find (or trust) using web searches.

Note: On this web siteNote: On this web site "I" may refer to me personally, or one of my businesses or a foundation/charity that I sit on the board of or heavily influence. Some of this is because of tax planning, other is simply because of circumstances. So "I" doesn't necessarily mean I in a legal/tax/other format, but it always means "I" from a decision/planning perspective.

I 'presell' fall meat each year. You place deposit now, then pay in the fall based on the final weight of the animal. If there are any left over (not presold) I will sell these free range no herbicide no pesticide animals in the fall at a 15% premium (still a great deal!) But if you want to make sure you get some - talk to me sooner rather than later. If you missed what you want 'this' year, talk to me and, after this year's buyers, you will have first right of refusal next year. Anyone who purchases this year of course gets the first right of refusal next year, but in most cases, if you commit early I can simply make sure I produce what you want next year with your deposit.

2012.05: I have 4 sides of Red Duroc Pig still for sale, delivery in fall 2012. If you want one or more, contact me today, a $100 deposit reserves your side. Price currently is based on Safeway pork prices. Price is the fall is 15% premium - still a great deal for free range, no herbicide, no pesticide pork. But of course, this will only be IF THERE IS ANY LEFT.

2012.05 I have 1 remaining Muscovy male duck for sale (for meat) in fall 2012. Rest are presold.

2012.06 Rabbit meat is becoming very pouplar again. Yes, tastes like chicken, my kids thought it was chicken until Shawn noticed there were a lot of thigh bones and no wings! So, I'm thinking of raising Rabbit meat in a free range environment. Let me know if you're interested, it'll help me decide whether to do this or not.

Geodesic greenhouse plans

Plastic Equipment for sale:
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If you're a programmer, you may be interested in a PDF writer I've used in the past;

My twins have great rental accomodation one block from the University in Lethbridge, for more information, visit my Lethbridge Rental page     

Also, a product to watch is a A Spanish learning tool: Verbarrator

Other sites you may want to visit: Costa Rica (Tico) Investment Properties for purchase or for rental
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